Premium Account Release Railgun Gameplay

The Premium Accounts are offically released by Tanki Online. Now players wanting to be ahead of the rest can purchase the premium account plan comprising of a free premium account paint and extra crystal rewards while playing in battle. Furthermore, players with selected M3 turrets and hulls will have a chance to purchase limited addition XT items which will stay in their garage even if their plan expires. Here is a sneak peek of what Premium Account Gameplay looks like in this little 15-minute episode.


Shaft Guide For the M0 Player

Whatssup tankers! How many of you enjoy using Shaft on the battlefield? I sometimes do after I get bored of using Railgun therefore I compiled some useful tips and tricks that I frequently use whenever I use this silent sniper in battle. The only let down of this Turret is the laser that was introduced late last year. Before that, I was on course for thinking that Shaft was a invincible weapon that was both stealthy and devastating but now Railgun, Thunder and Smoky have stole the title since the introduction of the laser. However, the new update has brought about good change to the Tanki Realm as well. Shafters must now rely also on their skills to combat enemies and snipe them instead of idly sitting on a ledge all day and picking off opponents one-by-one without being discovered and destroyed. Currently my all time favourite turret will be Railgun and that’s a 4-star for me while Shaft has dropped from a 4.5-Star to a 3-Star due to its laser. Despite all that, true Shafting is rather formidable and hence I came up with this tutorial for players who still enjoy the pastime of sniping.